When 2012, mi Gaomei obtained one of companies of 8 big movie and TV to be opposite ” the subway 2033 ” the film of the novel reorganizes advantageous position. When VG247 of the intermediary outside was being accepted recently however is interviewed, fiction writer Dmitry Glukhovsky expresses ” the subway 2033 ” film edition is made had made stop, because the author thinks ” the subway 2033 ” did not build with beautiful type play. With generation game, ” the subway 2033 ” the film plans formerly also follow the story of the first book, but playwrite F. Scott Frazier wants to transform its beautiful type style, changed the location Washington D.C. “The idea to this book and the development to the play do not have Mi Gaomei to bring pron any thing to us, I had called in copyright. So we are in now and negotiation of brand-new the people that make discusses the adapting of next likelihood, but this process is very long very hard. I am very hopeful still. We can expect to fall ” the subway: Escape ” put on sale whether push this IP numerous group. ” ” change the location Washington DC a lot of things won’t do, include Nazi, dark Ones. Washington DC basically is city of a black, it does not have the suggestion that I considered to have, this is a kind of overall antiforeign creed analogy, but it is not to use an evaluation to be not descendants American, change Washington DC to won’t do at all so. They must use a few random beast and should grow so that the beast of unlike mankind replaces Dark Ones only (the ultimate wisdom biology in last phase of an age) , whole and antiforeign story also won’ts do, as a sturdy internationalist this is very important to me. They change it into the set that a special kind turns however. They fear to establish the old practice in Moscow, because American is,gave a name the old practice that likes him United States. But as ” the subway: Movie of incomplete smooth night ” and ” the subway 2033 ” wait for game and book to sell in the whole world it is good to went out millions of, the audience accepts a set likely still to be in of Muscovite story, because this is exclusive,sell a site. We had treated beautiful form a lot of more apocalyptic second, and the audience that likes to look people also had been taught the ground is similar, aesthetic occurrence exhaustion, do not want to see these things again so. ” ” the subway ” series makes newly ” the subway: Escape ” will on Feburary 22, 2019 put on sale, land PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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